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Musgrave Milestone

Musgrave Milestone.jpg

Reg. No. 20122023

We teamed up with Hilltop Angus and Grandview Angus to purchase Musgrave Milestone as the $120,000 high selling bull of the 2022 Musgrave sale. He is a structurally sound and perfect footed powerhouse of a bull that impresses both in person and on paper. His well rounded EPD profile excels in $M, $W, WW, YW and HP, as well as both hoof EPDs. Early calf reports have been strong, as his calves have tremendous vigor at birth and are looking the part.

Semen is available and can be purchased through our website by clicking purchase semen, or through Cattle Visions or Bull Barn Genetics

Milestone's Dam  
Pine Coulee Forever Lady E47

Pine Coulee Forever Lady E47.JPG
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