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Welcome to Weigel Angus Ranch. We are located in south central North Dakota, on rolling prairie and farm ground. We have been raising purebred Angus cattle for over 50 years, and AI breeding for over 35 years to top bloodlines, selecting for easy keeping, deep, long, efficient cattle that are problem free. Through hard culling and selecting for the right kind of cow, we have built a cow herd that we are proud of. We cull extra hard on udder quality, disposition, structure, and hooves. We have never had a hoof trimmed on any of our cattle. We expect our cattle to go into any herd and do positive things.  We are always striving to improve our cow herd and never selecting for a certain trait, but rather a good selection across the board of traits. Our bulls are fed a high roughage ration of home grown feeds to assure soundness and high fertility. They are bred to put pounds on efficiently by selecting the right genetics rather than fed on. 

Customer satisfaction is top priority.  Stop by anytime to view the herd and we can help you select the type of cattle you are looking for.

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Devin, Bob, Jodi, Mariah, Rhen, Jayden, and Drew

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